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New Year, New You right? Because as you pack away your festive spirit for another year and finish off the last of the remaining Celebrations - always the Mars one in my house- it's time to shake off those winter blues. And what better way to kick off 2013 with getting in shape and eating better. But where to start?


health experts host live chats

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If only you had access to a professional to give you advice and to answer your questions right? Well, good news, AXA PPP healthcare is on the ball with a series of web chats this month. For those, like me, who are interested in getting fit and staying fit in 2013, there is a chat with AXA PPP healthcare expert David Williams. On Thursday 24 January, between 1-3pm, David will be available here to answer all fitness and nutrition questions live. So whether it's info on how to get fit or sporting advice you're looking for, then all you have to do is log on and post your question.

health experts host live chats

Image used via Creative Commons

And it's not just about fitness and nutrition. Because AXA PPP healthcare have another THREE topics all with a professional on-hand to dispense advice. So if you're expecting or already have children, then it might be worth checking into the chat hosted by the Health at Hand Team Manager, Jackie Hall. She leads a team of medical professionals who offer round-the-clock advice. So if you've got a question regarding your child's health or your own if you're pregnant, then join Jackie on Thursday 31 January here.

Then there's the C word: cancer, and more specifically cervical cancer. Because January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Currently the 12th most common cancer in women, this cancer is relatively preventable with regular screening and smear tests. Some may find talking about this awkward but it's vital you know what's involved. On Thursday 24 January,  between 11am-1pm Justin Clark, Consultant Gynaecologist from the British Medical Institute, will be online to answer questions and concerns about the disease, treatment, diagnosis or prevention. So if you want to join in then just click here.

When it comes to the human body, the heart is a pretty vital organ. And with over 300,000 people suffering  from heart attacks and over 100,000 have strokes each year in the UK,  looking after your heart is important. So if you're looking for tips on how to keep your heart healthy, then join the chat with, Sarah Evans. She works as the Learn Nurse Case Manager for the AXA PPP Clinical Centre and also is part of the Dedicated Nurse service for patients. This provides 24-hour phone support seven days a week for members and their families. Want to join in? Then ask Sarah your heart related health questions and have them answered live here from 1-3pm on Wednesday 30 January.

But what about if pesky work gets in the way of taking part in the live chats? Then no problem. Because you can still leave your questions in the comments sections or ask via Twitter and Facebook. Then, a few days after the webchats, the expert will get back to you.

And dear readers, that is not all. Because those lovely people at AXA PPP healthcare are not only offering this advice entirely free but you could also win a The Sanctuary Pamper Pack. Ooooo. That's because everyone who leaves a question, will be entered into a free draw to win one of two of these packs worth £75.

So why put it off, get posting those questions now!

As these chats have now taken place you can get all the answers to your questions on the AXA PPP healthcare site. Question topics were on Cervical Cancer, Pregnancy and your child's health, Heart health and Fitness & Nutrition

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